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    What Are the Chances of Getting Pregnant After Having Your Tubes Tied?

    Women will often ask what the chances of getting pregnant are after having their tubes tied or a tubal ligation. It is slim but it does happen to some. Contrary to popular belief the fallopian tubes do not grow back together nor heal themselves. This is caused from what is called a fistula.

    The chances of pregnancy occurring naturally after having your tubes tied are minimal. But if a woman suspects that she is pregnant then she should see her physician right away. The chance for ectopic pregnancy is increased. An ectopic pregnancy is when the baby begins to form in the fallopian tube and can be life threatening to the woman.

    When a woman suspects she is pregnant after having her tubes tied and then finds out she is not there can be disappoint involved. Although they do not pan on becoming pregnant the possibility was nice. Many suffer regret after a tubal ligation and often think it would be nice to have the chance to conceive again.
    In the beginning after finding out they are not pregnant they experience the sadness and try to dismiss it. Some just cannot and would like more than anything to have another child. And this is the research beginning for tubal ligation reversal surgery.

    Now that they have actually accepted the idea of a pregnancy they want to move forward on the plans of another child. The search is on to find the best doctor for the surgery and to begin the plans to have another baby. This becomes a very exciting time in their lives and she is looking forward to surgery itself.

    Just the idea of holding a baby again is thrilling. But, what about the cost of the surgery and will we be able to afford it? The good news is the cost is about $7000.00 and there are savings plans available. Many will begin saving money and add to it as they can. The amount of time it takes the money to add up is surprisingly quick for those who are in a hurry for the big day.

    In researching surgeons be sure to ask the repair rate as well as their pregnancy statistics. Make sure you are given solid evidence of the numbers quoted to you. All too many times couples will ask and just be given random numbers. The experience of the surgeon can make the difference between having a successful pregnancy or not.

    The top surgeon and center have a 98% repair rate. There are very few women who cannot have their fallopian tubes successfully repaired. Even the Essure and Adiana sterilizations can be reversed to have another child.

    Having your tubes tied certainly does not mean that you cannot have more children. It may not happen by the tubes allowing the egg and sperm to meet while ligated but there is a way.

    Debra Verville

    More information is available at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center. Tubal reversal nurses can be reached 7 days a week by calling (919) 968-4656 for a free phone consultation or visit:

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